Sunday, 31 August 2008


Welcome to the LØSD blog!! This is where you can find out anything and everything about LØSD.
LØSD is Peter Fleur, involved with experimental electronic music since the early eighties. He started
LØSD in 1995 as a rhythm-based project. The first release immediately was a remix of Muslimgauze; a release together with Pan Sonic (back then still; Panasonic). But there is more that he shares with Pan Sonic; their love for analog sound-synthesis and the minimal but danceable rhythm patterns. He wants to show you that one doesn't have to restrict oneselves to one style of music to have your his own identity. Identity has to do with the sound and not the style of the music. That's why he will take you through the whole spectrum of industrial, techno and acid!! And noisedub aswell!! The sounds are created live with analog electronic equipment, like, the Korg MS Series, MiniMoog, Roland 303, 606, 909, EDP Gnat and more. All of these are synced by a computer and controlled with MIDI-controllers. Go for the complete discography to;ØSD