Thursday, 11 October 2012

New project gets going.

Currently we are working on a new project with electronics (nothing new there) but this time in cooperation with  two wonderful vocalists, Careline and Amina. This opens up a different approach, and new inspiration for creating a new style of music (for us), from spheric and droney to upbeat rythms 'n noise all mixed together in a complete set for stage. Instruments will be 909 - 303 DevilFish - MS10 - MiniMoog - SH101, samples FX and more. Recently we also have been busy Video-mapping, projecting villa Sandwijck in de Bilt on a party at midnight, wich was big fun to do, so finding a stage to perform in the near future is our main goal for now. Meantime we can keep you updated on our progress by posting some sketches of our first tracks to be. These are just recording of live practice sessions, for the moment we will be working on practicing more then we will be with creating final mixdowns. So the tracks being posted here will be there for your enjoyment and will all still be worked out on a later date.
Sneak preview here.